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Grovelands Primary School

Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that Grovelands Primary School provide a high standard of education and care for every pupil.

The Governors do this by:

Taking a Strategic View

  • In consultation with the leadership team, staff and parents, they decide the aims and values of the school
  • They provide the school with the strategic direction for development and improvement

Acting as a challenging friend and support

  • They set high expectations of everyone and monitor the school's performance
  • They support the ethos of open communications and teamwork
  • They provide the senior leadership team and staff with support and encouragement
  • They recognise and celebrate the school's achievements

Ensuring accountability

  • They visit the school regularly to monitor and evaluate progress
  • They are committed to the principles of best value
  • They monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of policies and action plans
  • They make sure the school is organised and managed effectively

Governor Structure

Name Category (Appointed by) Other Institutions served on Relevant business/ financial interests Term of Office  Committee Attendance                April 2020 - March 2021 FGB Attendance April 2020 -  March 2021
Hashim Chaudri LA (Nominated by LA,  appointed by GB) None None 30/11/17-29/11/21 

Resources - 4/4                            Personnel & Pay - 3/3 

Nicola Armao    (Co-Chair) Co-opted (GB) None None 28/03/21- 27/03/25  Teaching & Learning - 4/4 7/7

Joanna Hickey (Co-Chair)

Co-opted (GB) None None 21/06/17-20/06/21  Teaching & Learning (Chair)  - 4/4 7/7
Sheena Prema Co-opted (GB) None None 23/03/16 - 22/03/20   Teaching & Learning - 4/4

Joanne Roberts  (Co-Vice Chair)

Co-opted (GB) None None 10/12/18-09/12/22

Resources - 4/4                                        Personnel & Pay - 3/3

Cassandra Rock Co-opted (GB) 1st Viking Sea Scouts None 25/09/17-24/09/21 

Resources - 4/4                                Personnel and Pay - 3/3 



Co-Opted (GB)          
Alison Pope Parent Governor (Parents) Whiteley Village Cricket Club (spouse a director) None 01/12/19 - 30/11/23   Resources (Chair) - 4/4                    Personnel & Pay - 3/3 7/7
Tanya Quddus Parent Governor   (Parents) Parent Rep for SCC families Lifelong Learning & Culture  None 29/09/17- 28/09/21  Teaching & Learning - 4/4 7/7
Dan Tuck  Headteacher  None None 01/04/19 - 31/03/30    Resources - 4/4                                 Teaching & Learning - 4/4               Personnel & Pay  - 3/3 7/7
Amy Ralph Staff Governor (Staff) None None 30/10/18 - 29/10/22   Teaching & Learning - 4/4 5/7
Jonathon Cook Associate Member (GB) with voting rights Frimley Nest Day Nursery; The Cancer Club (Surrey) Non-exec Director, Frimley Nest Day Nursery (to Sept 2020) 25/09/17- 24/09/21  Resources - 4/4 6/7
Dan Medlen Associate Member (GB) with voting rights None None 30/09/2020-29/09/2024 Teaching & Learning 2/2 3/3
Imran Malik Associate Member (GB) with voting rights Friends of Grovelands School None 09/12/2020-08/12/2024 Resources 1/1 2/2

Past Governors

Full name

Appointing body

Date of appointment

Date stepped down


Susan Oliver

Governing Body 25 September 2017 01 February 2021 Associate Member

All Governors have signed and adhere to the Governors code of conduct.

All Governors have signed their conflict of interest disclaimer.

All Governors follow the following professional Negligence and confidential statements:

Professional Negligence Statement

Advice given by Governors at this school is incidental to their professional expertise and is not given in their professional capacity.

Confidentiality Statement

Governors will respect the confidence of those items of business which a governing body decides and not disclose what individual governors have said or how they voted within a meeting.