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Grovelands Primary School

Eco School

Our Eco-Team is made up of representatives from Years 1-6, members of staff and FROGS.  The team meets regularly to work on our action plan, which is formed by completing our environmental review and responding to suggestions from pupils.  The aim of the team is to make the school more sustainable and educate the members of our school community as to how they can help to achieve this. Our three many actions we have been working on are Energy, Litter and Transport. We are currently on our journey to achieve the Green Flag Award.


At Grovelands Primary School many enrichment opportunities take place in Eco education.  The following activities and events are embedded as part of educating children about the importance of Eco education and its investment in all our futures:

  1. Weekly paper recycling. Each class has classroom paper recycle bags which are collected by our Eco Warriors each week for specific paper recycling.
  2. Litter picking- we ensure no litter is thrown inside our school grounds or outside. If we find any litter, we use our litter pickers to keep our school grounds clear of litter. We also complete local litter picks to help our community.
  3. We recycle batteries and have a dedicated recycle bin in reception.
  4. We have two Terracycle initiatives running - cleaning products and baby food pouches.
  5. We take part in the WOW walk to school initiative and maximise opportunities for children to walk or cycle or even scooter to school.
  6. We have a very limited use of laminated sheets in school and as a staff we only use where absolutely necessary.

Our Eco Code

  • Only use what you need.
  • Use less electricity.
  • Recycle as much as you can.
  • Watch your waste.
  • Our future needs to be clean.
  • Respect the planet.
  • Less single use plastic.
  • Do positive things for the planet.