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Grovelands Primary School


At Grovelands, we aim to develop independent thinkers who can apply known facts to open-ended tasks, and who can see the links between different mathematical facts, and patterns. 


The National Curriculum stipulates that children be taught fluency, reasoning and problem solving in all mathematical strands.  We believe it is important to develop these skills simultaneously in all of our pupils, so that the children's investigative and critical thinking skills are developed alongside their calculation abilities.  Children are expected not only to know their number facts, but to explain their thinking and their methods when solving problems.  To aid with this, we aim to develop conceptual understanding of mathematics with concrete representations, moving on to pictorial representations, and, only when those are secure, working out calculations abstractly.


To ensure consistency in approach and coverage, we use White Rose Maths Hub scheme.  This ensures that units are taught in a sensible, progressive order, and that sufficient time is spent on each topic to develop mastery.  The small steps break each larger objective down into smaller steps which are easy to follow and ensure consistency.


All teachers use the White Rose Hub as the starting point for their teaching, however, we also have freedom within that: to vary pace depending on the needs of the children; to provide additional catch-up support; to extend children with independent extensions that deepen mathematical reasoning.  Children are also regularly given opportunities to apply their learning to open-ended tasks and investigations.


Most of all, we want children to enjoy their maths learning, and to feel safe to take risks, make mistakes, and grow into confident learners.


Pupil Quotes:


"Our teachers make it really fun, they always make us laugh.  Maths challenges us to push ourselves further.  Once our teachers know our comfort zones, they push us past them so we can master maths."

"I am proud of my work with decimals because as it gets harder, we push ourselves harder and it’s more fun.  I am able to do it!"

 Rayen, Year 4

"Maths is a lot of going back and re-doing what you’ve learned, everything builds on what we learn.  I have a better understanding of it all now, especially as we can always look back on what we did before and how much better we are now!’’

 Emily, Year 4