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Grovelands Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

At Grovelands Primary School we feel everyone has the right to feel included and able to achieve in their learning.  My responsibility as SENCo is to ensure every child has this opportunity.  We pride ourselves on being inclusive in every sense of the word through providing the quality of teaching, the resources required and a supportive environment around your child that allows them to thrive.

Pardeep Anning - SENCo

Email: panning@grovelands.surrey.sch.uk  / Tel: 01932 227816

For further information on how Grovelands supports your child’s learning click on the below links.  

Grovelands SEND Information Report 2019/20

Grovelands SEND Information Report 2017/18

Grovelands Wave of Intervention Flowchart - 15 September 2016

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

Wave 1 Provision at Grovelands - May 2020

Wave 2 Provision at Grovelands - May 2020

Wave 3 Provision at Grovelands - May 2020


For further information about the Surrey Local Offer, please click here


IQM Centre of Excellence accreditation 


We are extremely proud of the inclusive ethos that is demonstrated in the Grovelands school community by all stakeholders. The inclusive values and culture that permeates through the school community was highlighted in the March 2022 IQM (Inclusion Quality Mark) report, whereby Grovelands Primary School was awarded the IQM Centre of Excellence accreditation. Over the next three years we will be part of an IQM cluster, whereby school leaders will work together to support one another with developing inclusive practices within their school settings and the local and wider community. 

The link to the March 2022 report can be found here:  IQM Report 2022
The link to the April 2021 report can be found here:  IQM Report 2021