Grovelands - Assessment

Assessment Without Levels

In September 2015, the Government made a huge change in the way that children in schools are assessed; the purpose of this information page is to inform you of the changes that have been made to assessment and what this means for the children at Grovelands.

The Department for Education (DfE) want to ensure that children have a breadth and depth of knowledge at each national curriculum level and that under the old levels system, the focus was on pushing children to the next level, rather than mastering their year group skills. At Grovelands, we have been working hard, in partnership with Surrey and other local schools, to develop a system that will enable us to track children’s progress and report to parents.

Children’s attainment will be assessed on a termly basis, and recorded as follows:

As an example, we have used Year 5 assessment to show how we record childrens attainment.  The first number relates to the year group, the second number relates to the stage of development:

5.1/5.2 – Entering the Year 5 curriculum

5.3/5.4 – Developing within the Year 5 curriculum

5.5 – At the Expected Level for the end of Year 5

5.6 – Working at Greater Depth within the Year 5 curriculum

What do these numbers mean?

A child who is working at a .1 or a .2 is said to be SOMETIMES using and applying the skills taught.

A child who is working at a .3 or a .4 is said to be OFTEN using and applying the skills taught.

A child who is working at a .5 is said to be CONSISTENTLY using and applying the skills taught.

.6 is used when a child is working at GREATER DEPTH within the year group curriculum, for example they may be able to apply the knowledge about what they have learnt in one area of a subject to other areas, explain what they have been doing and why, evaluate the methods they have used and explain what they have done to others, including teaching other children what they have learnt.

Please note:

1. Children will be expected to achieve a .5 in their respective year groups by the end of the academic year.

2. We teach children from where their starting points are. Therefore, some children will not be working in line with their year groups expectations and will still be working towards objectives from a lower year groups curriculum.