Message from our Executive Headteacher 02 October at 9:46 PM

For the last few years Grovelands has been working closely with other schools in Surrey, sharing best practice and training, for mutual benefit. The leaders and governors of Grovelands strongly believe that collaboration is the way forward, allowing schools to gain better value for money, reducing budgetary constraints and giving staff more opportunities to share resources, knowledge and expertise. 

With this in mind, we have set up a 'soft federation' with another primary school within Surrey, one that is very similar in its ethos, values and feel to Grovelands. 

The school we have chosen to federate with is Town Farm Primary School in Stanwell, a school that we have worked very closely with  and who share the same Chair of Governors as Grovelands. 

As Executive Head of the federation, I will be working in close partnership with Mr Hayes, Head of School, to provide an excellent standard of education and pastoral care, taking the school forward to provide an outstanding provision for all of our children.

Liz Nichols
Executive Headteacher