At Grovelands we use a variety of proven reading schemes to teach phonics and develop richer reading in class. 

Literacy Book Bands

We endeavour to ensure that all children are challenged in their reading and continue to have the opportunity to progress. 

We have included the new colour bandings and the levels they relate to below for your reference.

ColourLevelYear Group
Yellow1cYear 1
Blue1c/1bYear 1
Green1bYear 1
Orange1aYear 1 / Year 2
Turquoise2cYear 2
Purple2cYear 2
Gold2bYear 2
White2aYear 2 / Year 3
Lime3cYear 3 / Year 4
Brown3b/aYear 4 / Year 5
Grey4c/bYear 5 / Year 6
Dark Blue4b/aYear 6
Burgundy5c/bYear 6 +
Black5b/aYear 6 +

You will notice in Key Stage 2 children will progress less quickly up the reading scheme. This is due to a shift in focus from phonetics towards comprehension, inference and deduction.

If you have any queries regarding these changes, please arrange a time to speak to your class teacher.