The Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that Grovelands Primary School provide a high standard of education and care for every pupil.

The Governors do this by:

Taking a Strategic View

  • In consultation with the leadership team, staff and parents, they decide the aims and values of the school
  • They provide the school with the strategic direction for development and improvement

Acting as a challenging friend and support

  • They set high expectations of everyone and monitor the school's performance
  • They support the ethos of open communications and teamwork
  • They provide the senior leadership team and staff with support and encouragement
  • They recognise and celebrate the school's achievements

Ensuring accountability

  • They visit the school regularly to monitor and evaluate progress
  • They are committed to the principles of best value
  • They monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of policies and action plans
  • They make sure the school is organised and managed effectively


Category (Appointed by)

Other Institutions served on

Relevant business/ financial interests

Term of Office

Susan Foster

Additionally Appointed Governor

Cleves GB (Chair)


12 June 2021

Doris Neville-Davies

Additionally Appointed Governor

Cleves GB (Vice Chair) and Additional Skills Governor


12 June 2021

Elaine Jones

Additionally Appointed Governor

Cleves GB


12 June 2021

Deborah Black

Co-opted (GB)



July 2019

Sheena Prema

Co-opted (GB) none none March 2020

Nicola Armao

Co-opted (GB)nonenoneMarch 2021

Joanna Hickey

Parent Gov (Parents) none none Aug 2017

Alison Pope

Parent Gov (Parents)



Nov 2019

Andy Kempton

Staff Gov (Staff)


School staff

Sept 2017

Chris Hodges

Interim Executive Headteacher Cleves GB (Head) TBA Dec 2017 (TBC)

Past Governors

Full name Appointing body Date of appointment Date term of office ends Position
Laura Walsh Staff Governor 22nd March 2014 31st August 2016 Member
Mandy Susan Campbell Local Authority September 2015 19 July 2016 Vice Chair
Andrea Lynn Taylor Governing Body 24 March 2015 1 June 2016 Member
Daphne Sohl
Governing Body
September 2016
1 February 2017
Associate Member
Jacqueline Butler-Smith
Governing Body
23 May 2013
31 August 2016
Tyrone Lawless
Governing Body
2 December 2014
22 May 2017
Anthony Popham
Local Authority 6 December 2016
22 May 2017
Sue Cawood
Governing Body
10 December 2013
23 May 2017
Dipesh Parmar
Governing Body
22 March 2017
25 May 2017
Nevin Hutchinson
Governing Body
1st September 2014
26 May 2017
Martin Belfrage
Governing Body
22 March 2016
26 May 2017
Kieran Hinchcliffe
Governing Body
28th March 2017
26 May 2017
Fran Sims
Governing Body
9 December 2014
8 June 2017
Daniel Robinson
Governing Body
24 September 2014
8 June 2017

All Governors have signed and adhere to the Governors code of conduct.
All Governors have signed their conflict of interest disclaimer.
All Governors follow the following professional Negligence and confidential statements:

Professional Negligence Statement

Advice given by Governors at this school is incidental to their professional expertise and is not given in their professional capacity.

Confidentiality Statement

Governors will respect the confidence of those items of business which a governing body decides and not disclose what individual governors have said or how they voted within a meeting.

Files Last Updated
Effective Governance Statements 2015-2016 30 September 2016
FGB Part 1 Minutes July 2016 28 September 2016
FGB Part 1 Minutes March 2016 28 September 2016
FGB Part 1 Minutes September 2015 28 September 2016
GB Business Minutes 13 September 2016 21 June 2017
Governing Bodies Strategic Objectives 2015-17 28 September 2016
Governing Body Newsletter September 2016 28 September 2016
Governing Body Newsletter Summer 2015 21 July 2015
Governor Attendance Record 2015 - 2016 04 September 2016
Governor Attendance Record Autumn 2016 21 June 2017
Governor Attendance Record Spring 2017 21 June 2017
Governors Decision Planner 2015 / 2016 05 August 2015
Governors Information & Dates 2016-17 28 September 2016
Governors Monitoring Schedule September 2016 28 September 2016
Governors Presentation September 2016 28 September 2016
Grovelands GB Minutes 6 December 2016 21 June 2017
Parent Survey and Governors' Letter 30 September 2016